Pumpkins and Popovers

When the leaves started changing, Jess and I chose a quiet Sunday to venture out in pursuit of local pumpkin farms or fall festivals.

Last year, we visited Will’s Cackleberry Farm in Camden in hopes of reawakening childhood memories.  I was so eager to visit Mrs. Pumpkin and see the intricately carved jack-o-lanterns.  Even though there were short glimpses of nostalgia, the farm was much smaller and less enchanting than I had remembered.  Even if it didn’t deliver that childhood charm, we still had fun drinking cider and picking out pumpkins to decorate our house. http://www.cackleberrycastle.com/

This year, however, was a different adventure.  We chose to visit a pumpkin farm that neither of us had ever been to before. Critz Farms!


I had been to Cazenovia only once a long time ago.  It had the quaint charm I love in small towns, so I was excited to revisit.

Critz Farms is only a mile or so away from the village of Cazenovia.  It is a large farm, more expansive than Cackleberry with a hayride, pumpkin patch, corn maze, a kid-friendly area, beer and cider tasting, cider workshop, gift shop and café.

What surprised me was the cost of entering the farm.  It cost $15 for the two of us to enter the farm.  Admission included a small (tiny in fact) sample of hard cider and access to the corn maze and hayride, but all the “adult” stuff cost more money.

When we first arrived, we made a beeline for the beer tasting, excited to try the local fall flavors.


After tasting the beer and walking around, I dragged Jess into the corn maze.  After all…we did pay for it.  We were in it for about 10 minutes before finding our way out, despite the signs telling us it would take 30-40 minutes.  Jess moaned and groaned the whole way, feeling silly for engaging in childlike activities.

It is a work-in-progress, but I’m trying to bring out Jess’ inner child.  However, the 70-year-old man inside is putting up quite a fight. 🙂

Yes, this was forced, but isn't he cute?

Yes, this was forced, but isn’t he cute?

img_8180 img_8178

The corn maze was followed by a trip to pumpkinland to buy pumpkins and cider.  The whole visit to Critz Farms lasted about an hour and a half.  While I enjoyed the fall festivities, I didn’t think it was worth $15!



We left hungry and ready for lunch.


The Lincklaen House is an 180 year historical hotel and restaurant in Cazenovia.  Its grace and refinement brought a lot of visitors including Grover Cleveland and John D. Rockefeller to Cazenovia for vacation.  I can’t wait to get back for a tour.

We decided to visit its downstairs pub, Seven Stone Steps.  You guessed it! There were seven stone steps leading to the restaurant.


What made this place so awesome was its popovers!  They were so warm and fluffy and delicious!  (oooh I want a popover now!)

They also had an extensive menu including salads, soups and sandwiches.  Both Jess and I gave this place five stars. Highly recommend this place, and it wasn’t wildly expensive.

*The Lincklaen house does have a formal dining restaurant also if you are looking for a more romantic occasion.  I definitely want to check it out again on an anniversary or Valentine’s Day.

Check it out:  http://www.lincklaenhouse.com/index.html