Girls’ Weekend


Every woman needs to take time away with her friends, whether it be for a day, a night or a weekend.

Girls’ weekend is a necessity to keep the soul breathing under the strains of everyday life.  It is a time for reflection, relaxation and reconnection…and a time for finding balance.

Hell…lets be honest.  It is time for belting out Pat Benatar in pajamas, drinking wine until its spilling down the front of you and playing raunchy card games.

Girls’ weekend is a time for me to do the things I don’t always get to do and hang out with friends.

Every Columbus Day weekend, I join my friend Melinda on a girls’ weekend with her family and friends, who have adopted me as their own.


I can’t even remember how many years I have been partaking in girls’ weekend, but it’s somewhere in the 5-6 year range.

The last few years, we have rented a house in Penn Yan, NY in the Fingerlakes region.

It is a gorgeous house overlooking Keuka lake.  There is a deck with a fire pit, an outdoor barbecue and a dock (which comes in handy for the polar bear skinny dipping type *wink* *wink*).

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So without further adieu,  here is my list of must-dos for a successful girls’ weekend!

  • Karaoke: Throwback by belting out powerful renditions of famous 80s songs.  After a few drinks, you will believe you are Whitney Houston.
  • Cocktails and Wine: girls’ weekend is a time to unwind and alcohol definitely helps the body relax.

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  • Fire Pit Catch-Ups: Put down your technology, sit around the fire and just chat.  If you don’t have a fire pit, a table works.


  • Cards Against Humanity (or other games you don’t have time to play ordinarily):  It is MANDATORY to get a little cray-cray during girls’ weekend.
  • Scary Movies: Melinda is my one and only friend who enjoys scary movies, so we always rent one or two for the weekend.
  • Outdoor activities:  Almost everyone brings a bike.  Usually we bike into town or the local wineries, but this year we followed the Keuka Lake Trail, just a short ride up from the house.

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Last year, it was super warm still in October, so we took advantage of the kayaks in the shed on the property.


  • Go Shopping or Explore the Local Area:  We usually take a trip to Penn Yan and try one of the local restaurants.  This year we visited Keuka Restaurant.  Highly recommend!  Every year, we try to check out the local shops, but the hours are always limited due to the holiday weekend.  We also stop by the local outlets on our way to Penn Yan for some retail therapy.  It is a great start to the trip.

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  • Selfies:  You must take selfies, so that you can look back on your crazy weekend and remember. (Sometimes its hard if you drink too much.)


  • Eat:  Everyone brings food – tons of food!  So eat your face off without regret!

Girls’ weekend is really a time for you to do the things you don’t normally get to do.  Take the time at least once a year for yourself as a way to reconnect with you and your friends.  You deserve it!