The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

This October, Jess and I, with the ghostly spirit of Halloween lingering in the air, visited the historic and haunting town of Sleepy Hollow.  Although we have lived in New York all of our lives, we have never been to this town (just a three and a half hour drive from us!)

The Legend of the Sleepy Hollow tells the story of the Headless Horseman who haunts the old Dutch burial ground looking for his head that was lost in the Revolutionary War.  Jess (hesitantly) and I searched the beautiful and vast 2.5 acre burial ground for him.  It was a success!.

We stopped to visit the old historic Dutch church, but we didn’t stay for the telling of the story. The town does this several times throughout October.

After visiting the Sleepy Hollow cemetery and the Dutch church, we walked through Tarrytown, a nearby town, to do some shopping and eating.  I have to say that the food on this trip was not up to par.  We didn’t have one good meal!  We stopped at this gourmet hotdog hut called Lubins-N-Links.  Jess had a hotdog and I had mashed potatoes with onions, gravy and cheese.  Nothing was fresh; it was all processed.

We had two evening reservations.  The first was for a murder mystery tour at Lyndhurst Mansion, which overlooks the Hudson River.

The decorations on the grounds of the mansion were amazing, but the interior was spectacular.  Unfortunately, we were not permitted to take pictures inside.


The murder mystery tour was Clue themed.  Each room was decorated to match each character, who did a little performance.  So Mrs. Peacock’s room had vibrant blue and green decorations!  It was $25 a person and lasted about a half hour.  Jess and I both thought it was worth it.

Our second reservation was for The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze at Van Cortlandt Manor.  Now this was awesome!  All of the sculptures were made out of carved pumpkins.  Initially I was a bit disappointed that some of the pumpkins were styrofoam, but I guess to pull off such a display, they need to use some fake pumpkins. It was definitely a fun place to visit with the family at least once.

After our fun-filled day in the Hudson Valley, Jess and I decided we were to close to the city to not stop in.  The next day, we boarded the train to Grand Central.  It was only a 50 minute ride.  Upon arriving, Jess impressed me with his ability to find his new favorite bagel shop by memory.  Taking a circuitous route, we made it to Zuckers Bagels.  Again-I was not impressed with the food, but I think it was my fault this time.  I ordered a Latke bagel (just to try something different), but it was super bland.  Not a fan.

After Zuckers, we wandered the city, stopping by Rockefeller Center and Central Park.  Since Jess is a huge Beatles fan, I had to take him to Strawberry Fields.

For late October, it was hella hot!  And we walked at least seven miles.  So we were happy to catch a train back to Tarrytown and make our way home.  It was a fun but super jam-packed trip!